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Contracts, agreements and memoranda of understanding

The legal authorization team is keen that the contract is a full guarantee of the rights of our clients. Some may see that drafting contracts is an easy and simple matter, but in fact it is a purely technical and scientific matter. The process of dealing and filling all possible or potential legal loopholes is a matter that requires knowledge and experience and many experiences.
We delegate our keenness to have the lawyer or legal advisor concerned with dealing with contracts and agreements, whether local or international, with extensive experience, and we conduct many tests for him to ensure that he drafted, reviewed, amended and audited hundreds of contracts and agreements, in a way that guarantees our clients a rate of up to 95% to avoid legal problems possible in the future.
Also, our experienced team in drafting contracts and agreements, whether local or international, separates, clarifies and interprets the terms of contracts and agreements in a way that prevents the possibility of their interpretation without the meaning and meaning intended by them, thus preventing the matter from being left later in the event of any judicial dispute to the interpretation and interpretation of the judicial authorities. So every legal clause is complete, clear and explained, unambiguous, and cannot be interpreted without the meaning for which it was formulated and formulated.

Contracts and international trade agreements and their disputes

The technical and economic developments that the world is witnessing have imposed on law firms and legal consultancies that provide services for drafting international contracts and agreements and handle related disputes. They have imposed on them continuous change and development in the form, content and drafting of contracts concluded between Arab economic entities with their counterparts from foreign companies. Which will result in a multiplicity and diversity of disputes arising from it, as well as the emergence of new disputes in its topics, and perhaps the courts or arbitral tribunals have not been exposed to it before.
Hence, the meticulous care of Tawfeedh Legal Company came in selecting its legal experts responsible for these international contracts and agreements, in order to ensure that the requirements to be followed are fully met and the full controls are fulfilled during the formulation and preparation of international contracts and agreements, both in terms of formality or substantiveness, and to ensure their implementation. Meetings with our clients before and during the preparation process for international contracts and agreements, to explain to them, for example – the impact of each word and clause in the contract, the disputes that may result from the other party’s adherence to a certain clause in the contract and the extent of its impact on the company’s economic performance, and the role of arbitration in settling Possible disputes.

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